“Summer of Riesling” food pairings

It’s a true honor to share with you the food pairing recommendations for the Rieslings in Volume XV, as they come directly from famed German wine importer Rudi Wiest and his San Diego-based team. We’re incredibly fortunate to have Rudi as part of our own local wine community, and even more so given the theme of our current release. He’s one of the nation’s foremost experts on German Riesling, and I can’t thank him enough for dedicating his own time to Le Metro.

The true glory of Riesling such as these is best experienced with food, so be sure to check out Rudi and the gang’s tasting notes and suggestions below. And join us for our all-Riesling dinner on 8/28 at Counterpoint San Diego! We’ve saved the last bottles from this edition to open alongside Cam Fomby’s delicious food. I hope you can make it.

Aaron Epstein, Curator

1. 2012 Ettore Germano Hérzu Langhe Riesling: Nose of melon, lemon zest, butter, and chalky stone. Layered on the palate, juicy acidy, medium weight with kiwi, lime and white pepper spice with a refreshing citrus finish.

Suggested pairings:  Salads with vinaigrette, light chicken dishes, white fish, or with goat cheese.

2. 2011 Domaine Ostertag, Riesling D’Alsace: Bright rich nose including caramelized peaches.  On the palate there are darker fruits, peach pit, and papaya mixed with other exotic yellow fruits.  Spicy background and floral hints with a spicy cleansing finish.

Suggested pairings: Rich fish dishes such as salmon and butterfish. Pork schnitzel, vegetables or chicken with a light sauce such as a mango salsa.

3. 2012 Rebholz, Estate Riesling trocken (dry): Ripe mineral driven citrus laced with apricot & peach. Typical for a Riesling grown on colored sandstone; very lively, good tension and ripe acids.

Suggested pairings: Optimal with fish (simple preparations) and any number of light appetizer dishes. Also a great glass on a hot day! 

4. 2011 Tatomer Riesling ‘Kick-on Ranch:’ Bright giving nose, elegant white peach, and spicy white pepper. Nice volume on the palate, spicy and herbal with blueberry and citrus and a salty mineral finish.  Excellent alcohol integration, a very balanced wine.

Suggested pairings:  Seaweed salad, grilled vegetables, medium weight fish dishes and light sushi preparations.

5. 2012 Love and Squalor Riesling: Herbal nose, some citrus, dark peach and plumb.  A candied dark cheery finish.

Suggested parings:  Pork schnitzel and pastas with creamy sauces.

6. 2007 J.J. Prüm, Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett: The 2007 vintage, also known as the “hang time vintage” produced wines with amazing physiological ripeness with constituent tartaric acid in excess of 70%. These are wines with great ageing potential. As far as pairing this Riesling, probably at least 50g/l RS. First, because of the low alcohol level a wonderful aperitif and you can drink lots of it without getting “blitzed!”

Suggested pairings: Pairing the wine with food actually quite a few possibilities: dishes with mild Jaipur Curry, light Thai dishes, fruit driven light fish preparations as in the Caribbean Isles, and fresh cheeses such as Curd cheeses, double cream cheese, Robiola, Ricotta, Mozzarella, and Mascerpone etc.

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