New Le Metro artwork is coming soon!

Over the past twelve months it’s been an immense pleasure to introduce you to the artwork of Elaine Chukan Brown, and more fun than I can say to collaborate with her. Last week’s release of Volume XVII: Curator’s Reserve represents a full calendar year that we’ve been working together, and we’ve decided that it’s time to switch things up.

Elaine’s portfolio of work is simply astonishing. And as well as her own writing and illustration, she’s recently contributed to World of Fine WineWine & Spirits, and Men’s Health. It’s a been a ridiculous honor to have her as part of Le Metro.

Tina, GUY, and I are excited to continue building a community of artists as well as wine professionals. And although I’ll begin by introducing you to a local San Diego artist who I hold dear, I’m looking forward to expanding our roster of collaborators to folks around the world.

Please join me in thanking Elaine for her invaluable contributions to Le Metro. And at the same time, start getting excited for the next surprise!

Aaron Epstein, Curator

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