A message from our departing curator

Ever since the launch of our first edition, Le Metro has been the journey of a lifetime. As I prepare for my next adventure with my family and begin to say my goodbyes, I’d like to personally thank each of you who helped turn my vision into reality.

This project has truly taught me the meaning of the word “community.” When Julia and I arrived in San Diego three years ago, we knew almost nobody here. Yet this past Saturday night, Le Metro hosted more than 100 people at our Summer Solstice Rosé party. It would not have been possible without you.

More importantly, it wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment of my friends at PROTOCOL wine studio. In 2013, I came up with this crazy concept for a “content-based wine club,” but I had absolutely no idea how to implement it. Tina & GUY took a leap of faith in me, and assembled all of the pieces. Now, as I officially pass them the torch, it is with immense gratitude. I hope that you’re as excited as I am to see where Le Metro goes from here.

My friends, THANK YOU for your support. Thank you for your enthusiasm. Thank you for following along, and for sharing your thoughts. Please do stay in touch! You can keep track of my own voyage at Winedad.com and TrailingToddler.com, or by following @TheWinedad on Twitter or Instagram.

Cheers and endless thanks,

Aaron Epstein


The Le Metro Wine You Know

The Changing Seasons

Spring is in full swing and the bounty of summer is at hand. As the seasons change, so too does Le Metro Wine. June is an auspicious month for us, with our Rosé Every Day edition, we cross the two-year mile marker and wonder at twenty four past editions of amazing art and wine. But there’s a bittersweet mood surrounding the festivities as we bid our Curator, Aaron Epstein farewell and look eagerly forward to producing our next editions of Le Metro Wine.

Aaron is an adventurer. Followers have come to know Aaron and have seen this adventurous spirit at play, both in his writing and wine selection. And so it’s no real surprise to us that Aaron and his family are embarking for a new opportunity in China. We’ll all watch with anticipation to see what this next chapter will bring him as he writes under his nom de plume: The Wine Dad.

Where does Le Metro go from here? As the conductors for this ambitious wine project we bid you, “All Aboard!” for our journey continues…

A Culture of Le Metro is Born

If you’re a subscriber to Le Metro, attend our parties and dinners, or simply participate by way of our free email subscription, then you’re aware that Le Metro is a unique enterprise. More than a wine club, we are a collective of sorts; a safe haven where art and wine find a place to come together in support of a community of wine lovers.

Le Metro Wine is forged via an assembly of craftsman and artists. We are writers, sommeliers, art lovers, designers, entrepreneurs and most importantly lovers of culture. We wrap our work together via creative content and in great context with each monthly edition.

How it All Began

When Tina and I first discussed the possibility of a wine club at PROTOCOL wine studio – the production company for Le Metro – we knew we wanted something encompassing. We came to the table with many years experience managing various clubs and while they were financially successful, they fell short on the creative community-building aspect of how we wanted to sell wine.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that we spent over a year searching for a partner for this wine club project that would eventually become Le Metro Wine. In Aaron we found a young, powerful force, looking to make his mark in the wine trade.

And so together the partners of Le Metro have built an amazing community with over two years of intense work, creative force and our fair share of debate. The results speak wonders, as Le Metro has become what we like to call: The World’s Best Wine Club!

The Next Destination

Le Metro is built on strong and yet paradoxically flexible foundations. This dynamic balance is necessary because we’ve learned that to build something special, you must hold true to your convictions of what is great, but also be prepared for change.

As we bid farewell to Aaron, we look at the inspiration he has delivered to us as our first Curator and Founding Partner. His charge of demanding incredible wine, inspiring art and expertly crafted content will continue.

If you’re wondering what’s next, we say to you, our Le Metro lovers, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” In the coming months we’ll go further and dive deeper into the wine trade to bring true wine culture into your home. Even now we’re exploring new and exciting themes with many surprises. But as we change, you can expect to see the same incredible commitment to quality that is our standard at Le Metro.

In the meantime, our resident Certified Sommelier Tina Morey will curate our next few editions. July is already well underway and monthly subscribers will be excited to receive our twenty-sixth edition!

While we move through this period of evolution for Le Metro Wine, we’d love to hear from you dear readers and fellow wine lovers, please reach out to us and let us know what you enjoy about the Le Metro community.

There’s so much country yet undiscovered… grab your subscriber ticket and explore with us!

GUY & Tina
Le Metro Wine
- a PROTOCOL wine studio production

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