Going back to Cali

IMG_7134.JPG Last week brought me to the end of a month of intensive rosé-tasting, and I’m excited to announce that the selections have all been made for Le Metro Rosé 2.0! (Seriously though, it’s harder than you think…) Liquid Farm’s 2014 rosé, pictured above, is only one of the spectacular wines to be included.

I must confess that with this collection, however, I’ve accidentally made a liar out of myself. I stated back in February that Volume XXI: Zinfandel Rising was to be our sole all-California edition for the year… but back in February, I hadn’t yet tasted any of these wines. Let’s just say, mind=blown. I cannot get enough of the incredible rosés being produced in California these days.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing the rest of the wines that will be making their way into this box – and served at our rooftop rosé dance party - so keep your eyes open! You can pre-order your rosé set now, and tickets are available here for our shindig on Saturday, June 20.

Aaron Epstein, Curator

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