Introducing Le Metro “Aboveground!”

We’re pleased to announce our event series for 2014: Le Metro “Aboveground.” 

Our first function of the year celebrates the last days of San Diego’s acclaimed Farm House Cafe. Farm House Wine Director Deirdre O’Dwyer will join the Le Metro team and members of our community for dinner as we sip the selections from Volume IX: Seduced by Syrah while enjoying Farm House delicacies. For $75 (all-inclusive), the meal will feature six wines, family-style appetizers, individual entrees, and desserts to share.

This dinner sold out before we were even able to announce it, as Farm House is closing at the end of the month to seek new digs and the hard-to-find wines in Volume IX will soon be gone. But we’ll be hosting intimate events like this every month now, so keep your eyes open and make sure you’ve signed up for our email bulletin (at the top of this page)! You never know where we’ll pop up next.

Ready your palate, open your mind.

Check out our friends at Farm House!

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