Volume XVIII

Bistro Wine

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 Light red wines for holiday times.

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November can be a challenging month for us wine folks. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and intricate meals are in planning across the country. Yet the weather has cooled enough that many people are done with white and rosé for the season. I find it particularly tough to select red wines that stand up to savory and sweet combinations as well as the acidity of cranberry sauce. So this year, rather than complexity and sophistication, I focused on simplicity and balance. This collection is here to prove that there’s a big difference between simple and boring.

I’ve been kicking around the concept of a bistro wine collection since Le Metro’s inception. This moniker is used for bottles that are pleasant and unpretentious; as such, these six selections are light, juicy, and meant to be quaffed in the jolly company of loved ones. I encourage you to serve these all with a slight chill and resist overanalyzing them. This month, you’ll have no need for a decanter.  

Volume XVIII also brings exciting artistic changes to our project, as we’ve decided to expand our creative community by featuring a different visual artist for each quarter of Le Metro moving forward. It’s been a joy and a privilege to collaborate with the incomparable Elaine Chukan Brown for the past twelve months. Please join me in thanking her for her many contributions, and be sure to keep her site bookmarked.

With this edition I’m thrilled to introduce you to the artwork of my talented friend Igor Koutsenko. Igor is a Russian native who lives and works right here in San Diego, and several of his pieces are hanging on the walls of my own home. You’ll be seeing more of him in December and January. The simple beauty of this etching, Wine Melody, speaks to me of the wines in this collection.

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving!

Aaron Epstein, Curator

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