Volume I

California Underground

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These are times of momentous change for wine culture in the United States.

Don’t just take it from me – Jancis Robinson, international wine authority and author of The Oxford Companion to Wine recently wrote about the “revolutionary fervor in a whole new generation of producers who are making wines that have never before been made in the United States.”

This is a provocative statement, and a telling one – especially coming from an observer such as Robinson. Based in the United Kingdom, she has been covering the developments in the American wine world since 1976, when the French (starting with Möet & Chandon) first invested in Napa.

It also happens to mirror my own observations out there on the wine trail. This isn’t just about diversity – or about the underdog – this is an uprising, and it’s gaining steam rapidly all across the nation. The snowball is growing before our very eyes. The wines in this collection are intended to represent some of the driving forces – even if you’ve never heard of them before.

Each selection would stand up individually on its own merit; every one is delicious, balanced, and deserving of a place at any table. But more importantly, they all have a unique story that is very much worth telling.

You’ve got Maverick, Philosopher, Urbanist, Naturalist, Upstart, and Proof, showing that it can all be done. Six wineries, some in unexpected parts of California, all at battle with the establishment. Each, in its own way, is winning.

None of these wines are quite what you’ve been taught to expect – and really, that’s the point. Robinson also states “Americans see wine as something novel and exciting;” I sure as hell do. I hope that after you embark on this first journey with Le Metro, you will as well.


Aaron Epstein, Curator

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