Volume XIX

Champagne Masquerade

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 Unmasking a world of bubbles.

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When you pop the cork from a bottle of bubbly, several events are likely to follow. You’ll gain the attention of everybody within eyeshot (and earshot). They will approach you, smiling, and ask to taste what you’ve just opened. Eventually, you’ll raise your glasses together, and regardless of how your day or night began, it will probably improve.

But these bottles aren’t only here to inspire celebration. I just can’t say it often enough: despite the bubbles, sparkling wines are still wine, and they deserve to be treated as such. Try these with dinner and see what you think. (Champagne and fried chicken, anyone?) And although on most retail shelves they’d be lumped into one giant category, these six sparkling wines are profoundly different from one another. 

The Le Metro bubbles anthology is an annual affair, and I’ve been waiting all year to share these selections with you. However, our 2013 volume taught me that some folks honestly cannot abide effervescence at all – be it in wine, soda, beer, or water. If this applies to you, of course I encourage you to sample these wines with an open mind regardless. But if I’ve ultimately failed to satisfy you, I hope to have instead simplified your holiday gift giving. These hand-selected bottles are sure to please those of your friends who do enjoy the dance of bubbles on their tongues.

The festive etching that accompanies this edition, Cheers!, was created by the brilliant Igor Koutsenko, who I had the pleasure of introducing to some of you last month. To me, it reflects the communal spirit of good cheer that bubbles give rise to. Here’s to a delicious holiday season for all!


Aaron Epstein, Curator


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