Volume XVII

Curator’s Reserve

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 From my cellar to yours.

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This edition of Le Metro is different from those that have come before; these wines have nothing to do with each other beyond the fact that I adore them. This month, the theme is “there is no theme.” I myself am the common thread, as I have a special relationship with each of these bottles. Each has its own tale to tell.

You see, as much as Le Metro is all about thematic context (and fear not – we will return with a proper theme next month) over the past year and a half there have been times when I’ve been constrained by bounds of my own design. As I research every new edition, there are wines that catch my attention but don’t fit the theme. So in order to share some of them with you, I had to break my own rules. 

There’s a little bit of everything inside this box and, as usual, no shortage of surprises. Portuguese wine made by friends of mine from Chicago? Check. The Pinot Noir that opened my eyes to California? Check. An Esoteric Italian bottle from the first part of the boot that I ever visited? Check. Perhaps you’ve seen a few of these labels in my social media feeds and wondered why you haven’t tasted them yet. Well, now’s your chance.

Every one of these has played a part in my journey. In fact, some are stocked in my fridge right now, and one in particular is cellared for years to come. As I recount my stories here, I ask that you share your own with me as well as any culinary ambitions that these selections inspire. My offer stands: send a food pairing suggestion for at least one of these wines to aaron (at) lemetrowine (dot) com for a chance to win 50% off a ticket to our 2nd Annual Bubbles Bash, on sale soon. And there are still a few seats left for our October 18 dinner featuring these wines, so click here to purchase yours!


Aaron Epstein, Curator

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