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Don’t Fear the Greek

  • Frog Le Metro October artwork
  • Le Metro 58929 Volume XXIX - October 2015 Digital2-2
  • Domaine Karanika 2014 Terra Levea Assyrtiko
  • Methymnæos 2013 “Orange Wine” Chidiriotiko
  • Zafeirakis 2008 Limniona
  • Tetramythos 2013 Agiorgitiko
  • Domaine Karanika 2011 Xinomavro-Limniona
  • Estate Chrisohoou 2009 Xinomavro

Without my consciously knowing, the Halloween collection was decided for me. Back in July, I mentioned to one of my wine reps that I was looking for “scary good juice.” When I sat down to taste, he had already placed about a dozen bottles before me, none of which I could easily pronounce. I inched my glass closer…

Afterward, I got to thinking about fear. Not the pseudo-scary Halloween kind, mind you, but that simple fear of not knowing what’s in a bottle, how to pronounce said contents and exactly what to expect. We make important decisions on a daily basis, but many folks are apprehensive regarding what they don’t know, especially when it comes to not identifying liquids. Wine should never be scary! Perhaps the take-away is the mere fact that there is a commonality inherent in the unknown: people. Behind that cool bottle of unpronounceable juice are interesting folks making wine they love and for other people to enjoy.

What else I find incredibly cool regarding Greek wine is the indigenous varieties. There are more than 300 native varieties grown on varying types of some of the rockiest soils on earth, but what these vines produce is nothing short of liquid magic.

I contacted Markus Stolz, one of the most influential wine journalists today regarding the Greek wine industry through his blog Elloinos. I think the biggest obstacle for exploring the odyssey that is Greek wine is pronunciation. I asked Markus for some tips and he was kind enough to provide a video of grape pronunciation with his kids—brilliant! Click here for the link.

Break out of the familiar and explore the unpronounceable, the provocative, and some of the most palate-friendly wines on the market today. And of course our last piece from artist Reba McConnell is sure to please – in a frightening sort of way.

Tina Morey
Certified Sommelier
PROTOCOL wine studio

Check out Guy’s video for our “Halloween” collection! 

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