Volume XIV

From Sea to Shining Sea

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There are 50 states of vino. Click here to watch our our release video for this edition!

When Julia and I moved cross-country in the summer of 2012, I was struck by the signs on the freeway advertising wineries in each of the thirteen states that we drove through. The ranch that we spent a couple of nights at in Moab, Utah even grew grapes and made wine on site. Slightly jaded both as a New Yorker and a wine professional, I was skeptical. But the wine was tasty enough to make me change my tune.

In fact, that unexpected winery visit was eye opening. Since that drive I’ve made a point of going out of my way to sample wines from the unlikeliest of places – even those close to home. Along the way my preconceptions have been completely shattered. As you prepare to sample the bottles in this collection I ask you to remember the Le Metro motto: Ready your palate, open your mind.

Each wine in this edition was lovingly crafted right here in the USA from locally grown grapes. Yet you’ll find no California Cabernet or Pinot Noir from Oregon. The states represented will surprise you: Vermont, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Colorado. The wines will astonish you too; every one of them is world class.

I was lucky to have my friend Chris Broomell from Vesper Vineyards at my side as I tasted through this month’s samples and struggled to select the six most fitting wines. And I was even more fortunate when he offered to share some advice on food pairing with us. I’ll be posting an interview with Chris as well as his culinary recommendations shortly after our monthly subscribers receive this release. Thank you to Chris, and to our resident illustrator Elaine Chukan Brown. Collaborating with her for this month’s artwork was more fun than ever.

Happy Summer!

Aaron Epstein, Curator

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