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Oregon Gems

  • Le Metro Volume XXVI ­Oregon Gems
  • Abacela Albarino
  • Matello Chardonnay
  • Matello Hommage
  • Division Béton
  • Division Les Petits Fers
  • Abacela Tempranillo
  • Le Metro Volume XXVI ­Oregon Gems July 2015 Digital pg 2

Of Mountains, Valleys, Hills, Dales and Fells

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There is something about Oregon. When I think of this beautiful state in regards to the wine industry the words pioneers, fringe, and diverse come to mind. And as I compiled my research, I came to learn that those mountains, valleys and hills play a huge role in the climate of Oregon wine country, for the subsequent wines and its winemakers.

Although most notably known for Pinot Noir, I’ve chosen a few varieties that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Oregon. For the rugged coastline, profound river canyons, snow-capped peaks, green valleys and hillsides bring specific vine-growing mesoclimates where winemakers embody that pioneering spirit. Winemakers here seem to live by their own set of rules and by rules I mean lack thereof.

I had the extreme pleasure of visiting Portland and its surrounding vineyards a few years back during a conference and I still ruminate about the experience today. There is a vibe of constant evolution in Oregon, which up to this point has served the state well by sharpening the focus of its wine quality.

This collection focuses on just three wineries because sometimes one bottle is just not enough. They represent some of the forerunners in a changing climate of the wine growing set in Oregon.

This is our last collection with artist Sid Katragadda who has provided us with such vivid color and symbolism that is utterly breathtaking. And do look closely at his beautiful gemma trio (3 gemswork) within its tapestry you’ll find those Oregon hidden gems.

Tina Morey
Certified Sommelier


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