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Rosé Every Day

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Rosé is always in season. 

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It’s no exaggeration to say that selecting these six wines called for the toughest decisions I’ve made since Le Metro’s inception. Perhaps the indecision was a result of my own fondness for dry rosé or because of the growing enthusiasm for this category among consumers. With each new vintage, rosé bottlings seem to multiply exponentially, and I was overwhelmed by the number of viable options that I was presented with for this edition. Winemakers and wine lovers alike have realized that, truly, rosé is for every day.

I sampled wines from around the world for this collection, and to be honest, I had originally intended to showcase a number of regions. However, I was just blown away by the new releases that I tasted from my adopted home state of California. Rosé in the Golden State has historically been an after-thought (and one that tended towards sweetness). But these wines demonstrate that those days are over. All six of these bottles are completely dry, and none of the wineries represented here have previously appeared in Le Metro.

Sid Katragadda’s artwork for this volume couldn’t be more apt. His brilliant use of color makes this piece, Rosé Extasi, as alluring as the wines that it accompanies. Sid’s painting also sets a festive tone for our upcoming rooftop rosé dance party to be held June 20 on the Riviera Fountain Terrace at the Westgate Hotel. Tickets are still available here, with a special price for Le Metro subscribers.

This collection is my final contribution to Le Metro, as my family and I will soon be embarking on a yearlong, once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Shenzhen, China! But Le Metro’s voyage will continue, under the creative direction of my partners Tina and GUY at PROTOCOL wine studio. I hope that you’ll also follow along with my own journey over at

Cheers and farewell!

Aaron Epstein, Curator

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