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Stop and Smell the Rosé

  • Stop and Smell the Rosé
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There comes a time when every wine lover learns that not all rosé resembles Jolly Ranchers. Even the infamous White Zinfandel – often derided for its candied sweetness – is now being fermented all the way to dryness by winemakers who possess both skill and a sense of irony. Rosé is finally overcoming its bad rap with American wine drinkers and earning its rightful place at the table.

In reality, rosé has always been hiding in plain sight, and certain geeks like myself have long placed it on a pedestal (along with sparkling wine) as fodder for obsession. As I now live in San Diego, where the weather is just right for rosé pretty much every day of the year, it’s almost evolved into religion. Consider yourself warned: the Le Metro rosé collection is likely to become an annual tradition.

This edition contains six rosé wines from around the world, made from contrasting grape varieties and by different folks yet all from vintage 2013 (with one notable exception). There’s not a single cumulative gram of residual sugar in the box. Each of these bottles is a perfect fit on your back porch or as an accompaniment to a meal. There is nothing better to sip on when you fire up the grill and watch the sun set ever later.

It was a joy to collaborate on our May wine zine with Elaine Brown, who continues to break new ground with her Le Metro illustrations as well as all of her endeavors. And I’m honored beyond words to introduce you to Jill and Steve Matthiasson, who generously suggested food pairings for these selections and also set aside some of their own limited (and highly desired) rosé for us to share. Stay tuned to the blog for my interview with Jill and Steve, and for their pairing recommendations.

Happy Spring!

Aaron Epstein, Curator 

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