Volume IX

Seduced by Syrah

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Our February collection serves as a love letter to one of the most under-appreciated grape varieties of all: Syrah. Beloved by winemakers and sommeliers yet commonly overlooked by wine drinkers, Syrah can possess both the power of Cabernet and the elegance of Pinot Noir, as well as its own hallmarks that are illustrated by Elaine Chukan Brown in this month’s print. I’ve always considered this to be one of wine’s great conundrums: with all of the delicious examples of Syrah around the world, why are folks not more interested in it?

The best way I could think of to attract more attention to this grape was to assemble in one place the most dynamic array of Syrah out there. This collection showcases old friends and new, as well as exciting discoveries from places that I myself had previously underestimated. Whatever your thoughts on Syrah up to this point, these are wines that will make you fall in love.

With the new Le Metro website up and running I’ll now be sharing the food pairings for our selections on the blog to leave more room on this page for juicy content. So check in soon for this month’s culinary recommendations from j. brix winemakers Emily and Jody Towe, whose micro-production winery here in San Diego has been quietly garnering national acclaim. I’m thrilled to have finally been able to snag one of their new releases before it was all gone!

An extra special thank you this month goes to Elaine for continuing to make time to illustrate Le Metro despite the feverish enthusiasm which now surrounds her own endeavors. She was recently named one of Imbibe Magazine’s “People to Watch in 2014,” and I simply couldn’t be prouder to work with her. You should definitely have her site (wakawakawinereviews.com) at the top of your reading list.


Aaron Epstein, Curator



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