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 Old school wines from old world soil.

I often overlook the fact that my wine journey began not in Italy or here in California, but one long ago summer in Spain. Given how much ground I’ve covered since – and all of the vino I’ve consumed along the way – it’s easy to discount my teenage years. I didn’t exactly have a sophisticated palate when I was 16, but I was a legal drinker in Spain. So my exploration quickly progressed from Kalimocho (red wine and cola) to cheap Rioja. To this day, when I taste the wines of Spain a part of me still feels like an excited teenager just learning how to use a corkscrew.

The selections in this box differ slightly from those that I enjoyed years ago in Santander. But even without the added benefit of nostalgia, they are highly evocative of place. The whites summon the sea, murmuring of pulpo a la Gallega (Galician-style octopus) and fresh sardines. The rustic, dusty reds call to mind the windmills of Don Quixote. Though many wineries these days follow the trend toward modern, internationally styled wines, most of those represented here are seriously old school. For me, that is what Spain has always been about. 

As the Le Metro community continues to grow, Tina, GUY, and I are constantly exploring ways to expand the conversation with those drinking our wines at home. So this month I thought it would be fun to ask you to share your own thoughts on food pairing with us. As you dive into this collection, let me know what you think! Whatever dish it is that each bottle makes you crave, shoot it in an email directly to aaron (at) lemetrowine (dot) com and I’ll choose six courses to publish on the blog. Those whose suggestions I post will receive a digital shout-out as well a chance to receive free tickets to an upcoming event. So drink up, and don’t be shy.


Aaron Epstein, Curator

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