Volume XV

Summer of Riesling

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 Six reasons why Riesling reigns supreme.

I always enjoy a glass of good Riesling, but it wasn’t until the Summer of Riesling (#SOR) campaign took off in recent years that I finally began to understand why so many of my friends have fallen head over heels for this grape variety. SOR, a self-proclaimed “love affair with the world’s greatest grape expressed in full Technicolor,” began in New York City in 2008 and has since spread across the globe. Along the way it’s gained the support of trade organizations as well as more than 500 restaurants and wine retailers. 2014 is the seventh and final chapter, and we at Le Metro are thrilled to participate.

Many of you will be asking, “Why Riesling?” In the words of SOR organizers: “Because the glory of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles… and the problem of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles.” This dexterous grape can take so many forms that a snap judgment of one bottle is sure to be unfair to others. The six wines in this collection are intended to reflect as many elements of Riesling’s complex personality as can be expressed in one box. 


The folks at SOR encourage us to remember, “Germany is the homeland of this mother of ALL grapes.” So we are doubly fortunate that famed German wine importer Rudi Wiest happens to live right here in San Diego. Rudi and his team were invaluable to me as I assembled this edition, and they’ve agreed to suggest culinary accompaniments for these wines. The pairings will be on the blog soon, as will my interview with Rudi himself.

Though Germany is well represented here, Riesling has traveled far and wide since its origins. The provenance of some of these bottles may surprise you. I hope that you enjoy each of them as much as I do.


Aaron Epstein, Curator

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