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California Soil, Italian Soul

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Recently, as I’ve been conducting interviews for the Le Metro blog, I’ve asked the folks who have developed food pairings for our wines to “tell me about that pivotal moment when you decided to dedicate your life to wine.” I’ve learned that every wine professional has one; it was during my own coming-of-age in Italy that my path became clear to me. And while it’s led me in some unexpected directions, my enthusiasm for wine is indelibly linked to my love of all things Italian.

Yet it was my arrival in California in 2012, rather than my touchdown in Italy in 2002, which felt like a true homecoming. I’ve found that it’s easy to adapt to life on California soil, for human beings as well as grape vines. So I enjoy the symmetry of some of the most brilliant wines in the state being produced from varieties that also speak to the roots of my own passion.

I’m not alone in my admiration of the winemakers in this collection, and some of the names included have recently appeared in major publications. I’m grateful to all of them for setting aside wine for me to share with you. We’ve only managed to grab hold of a few extra sets of this edition, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So let us know right away if you’re interested purchasing one! And remember, you can always subscribe to Le Metro to receive our collections automatically on a monthly or quarterly basis.

To pair these selections with cuisine I’ve turned to Southern California’s champion of Italian wine, Joanie Karapetian. Equal parts Italian and Californian, Joanie sells some of the most exciting imports in the state as a representative of AI Selections. Her blog – “Italian Wine Geek” – comforts me every time I find myself missing Italia, and she was my first call after making these selections. Check the Le Metro blog for an interview with Joanie, as well as her food pairing recommendations.


Aaron Epstein, Curator 

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